Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Week's Meditation on Faith and Trust in God, Inner Peace

Last Sunday's Gospel from the 1962 Missal (see below, previous post) got me going on a stint. I decided to meditate on a Gospel passage everyday this past week whose theme all had to do with faith and the inner peace which results therefrom. Here are seven passages I have chosen which may also serve as a week's meditation on this theme. I split them up as per day of the week but it would be laughable for me to say it's necessary to follow this schedule. I can say that taking a week to meditate on this same theme daily has been indispensable in growth in the virtues of faith, trust in God, and inner peace.

Sunday - John 20:19-23

Monday - Luke 12:4-12 (or Matthew 10:26-33)

Tuesday - Luke 12:22-34 (or Matthew 6:24-34)

Wednesday - John 14:1-7

Thursday - John 14:25-31

Friday - John 16:29-33

Saturday - Mark 4:35-41 (or Matthew 8:23-27 or Luke 8:22-25)

Passages which I don't have listed here but which also convey this theme well are those in which Mary and Joseph model these virtues, as in Mary's fiat in the Annunciation (Lk 1:26-38), Joseph's obedience of faith in taking Mary into his home (Mt 1:18-25), Joseph's trust in God for the flight into Egypt (Mt 2:13-15), and Mary and Joseph's faith upon looking for and finding Jesus in the temple (Lk 2:41-51).

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Great.God bless you!