Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Think My Son May Be a Little Saint

Of course, all parents think much of their own children, but I have to share this.

After Mass today at the socialization and snack time, my son, Joseph, who is 19-1/2 months old, approached a little girl of about eight years who held three crackers and extended his hand toward her crackers, uttering a beseeching grunt. She told him, "No," hiding the crackers behind her back. My wife consoled him, "It's OK, Joseph, we have more crackers here," and walked him over to the snack table and got him one. Joseph then walked back over to the same little girl and held out his cracker, offering it to her.

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Fernanda Pudo de Lorimier said...

God has truly blessed us...Let's be glad and rejoice...